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Woodworm Treatment in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and serving all surrounding areas, D L Pest Control Services offer a comprehensive range of effective woodworm treatment solutions.
Wooden Lawn Chairs, Woodworm Treatment in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

A Common Problem

Woodworm is a name that is commonly used to describe the invasion of wooden elements by the destructive larvae of wood-boring beetles. These small, unassuming insects usually attack untreated timbers, such as:

• Floorboards • Joists • Furniture

Your Local Woodworm Specialists

Because there is a very high demand for new timber in today’s construction and furniture market, young trees do not get enough growing time to develop natural resistance to wood-eating larvae.

You can rest assured that your woodworm problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently when you choose our pest control.

Don’t just use any woodworm control company, choose the most reliable! We provide a 30-year guarantee on all of our timber work, so you know that we mean business.

Approved Contractor of BioKill™

D L Pest Control Services deploy a specialist insecticide called BioKill to treat wood against infestation. This chemical kills problem woodworm, without damaging the environment.

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